Being surrounded by green foliage and plants reduces junk food craving

Studies claim that being surrounded by greenery has a lot of positive effects to one’s health, particularly in a person’s mental state. However, the University of Plymouth found another health benefit, which includes reducing one’s craving for junk food, as well as in alcohol and cigarettes.

Researchers found out that being exposed to greeneries as little as house plants, or to as near as one’s backyard could help eliminate craving for the aforementioned unhealthy habits. Aside from that, the thirst is weaker when it comes back. Moreover, exercising around nature also has positive effects in reducing the craving.

Those people whose houses’ view take up 25% of green spaces, and those who have access to greenery reduced such cravings, as researchers also observed.

Want to avoid smoking, drinking, or eating a bag of chips a day? Start planting or visit a park near you!

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