Farming bears fruits of body confidence

AC Shilton, a journalist and a former athlete, was never confident about her body until she went into farming. After having a career and identity crisis, Shilton and her husband, Chris, decided to have a farm where they can grow their own food. They bought a 46-acre piece of land in northeastern Tennessee.

Shilton shared that ever since she was young, she loved animals, hard physical labor, and being outside. As a child, she often role-played like she was farming in their suburban neighborhood in Washington, D.C. She was also very active in sports wherein she was underweight for her height because of the pressure of being tiny in the industry. However, she said that when she started farming, she didn’t care about calories anymore because she was too busy doing a lot of things.

From feeding their farm animals, to cleaning stalls, doing compost, rebuilding barns, and allotting a little time to do some freelance writing, Shilton rarely thinks about what her body looks like as long as it helps her do her day to day job. Farming also taught her to appreciate every grown food as good food; most importantly, farming, unlike sports, made her at peace with herself because it keeps her healthy. Shilton also regards farming as an added bonus for her since she works without a boss and threatening emails every day. With all of these, would you consider farming, too?

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