Here’s how you can turn terrarium-making into a party

Want to do something creative with your friends? Have a terrarium party and here’s how you can organize it!

Of course, the first thing to do is to call your pals and send party invites decorated with succulents and other ornamentals. Prepare a table setting where you will put the materials. A wood tray would be nice to complement the plants.

Place name cards on pots and place the DIY dipped tools alongside so that your friends would know where to sit. Of course, the party would not be complete without the plants! Set-up a succulent tray where your guests can choose their desired plant. Cake stands would be of good use with this one. Aside from the succulents, gather other supplies for the terrarium such as moss, rocks, and dirt. Putting them inside mason jars would be neat and pleasing to the eyes. Handing out how-to manuals would also be helpful for friends who are first-timers!

When everything is prepared, you can all start doing your terrariums. Be sure to prepare snacks and drinks so you can all munch on something while you and your guests share your crafts with each other!

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