How to prevent papaya ring spot virus

If you have a papaya plant like the one in photo, there is no way to save it. Pull it out and burn or bury it deeply. It is infected by PRSV or Papaya Ring Spot Virus.

To avoid the occurrence of the disease in your farm, plant a variety that is resistant to PRSV. Relatively resistant is the Sinta papaya. The disease can be spread by aphids so make sure to control the aphids by spraying plants in the farm with insecticide that will eliminate the aphids.

Experts also recommend crop rotation with non-host plants. That means that after the papaya crop is over, plant another crop that is not affected by the virus.

A papaya tree with PRSV.

This appeared without a byline in Agriculture Monthly’s December 2018 issue. 

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    1. There is a control of PRSV, we have a lot of Red Lady Papaya in our farm, Sometimes PRSV occur mostly during hot season our Farm is Third Party Certified. Micro Organism do exist before our time God created Micro Organism phatogenic and benificial. Organic Practisioner like me don’t believe that could exterminate what God had created. We only use benificial micro organism to control phatogenic micro organism. We call it antogonism. We could not see any problem regarding the damage cause by virus . We have a product to control it. Just believe in Organic Agriculture…

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