By Zac B. Sarian

Sammy Quintos is an electrical engineer who is in the construction business with his eldest son, Quiel, helping him in the business. He is also a weekend farmer with a farm in San Jose City where his two other sons are helping in the operations there.

In the farm, they have a tilapia pond, goats, sheep, fruit trees, and other crops. Sammy loves to experiment on how one can cut production costs in farming. And he was excited to tell us that his tilapia loves to eat alugbati. He just throws the leafy alugbati vines to the pond, and soon, the fish would have skeletonized the vines. They love to nibble the leaves, he says.

He is excited because he finds alugbati to be a fast grower. His plants go up very fast on his barbed wire fence. He finds joy in conducting his own experiments.

He has bought planting materials of Madre de Agua and the Super Napier (Pakchong1) for his livestock. He visits his farm in San Jose every weekend together with his wife to check on developments.

This appeared in Agriculture Monthly’s December 2018 issue.