By Patricia Bianca S. Taculao

In celebration of the annual World Egg Day this coming October, a local event organizer has arranged a family-oriented fun run that also advocates the consumption of eggs for good health. 

In our aim of strengthening the ‘one egg a day’ advocacy, Aldenver Marketing, Inc. prepared an improved version of Eatlog Run,” said Veronica Ramos, the marketing head of Aldenver Marketing, Inc. 

The fun run targets to encourage people to eat at least one egg a day for its health benefits. It also aims to uplift and empower local egg and poultry producers. 

Race categories include 3K Eggy Family (for 3 adults with one child aged 3 to 10), 5K Double Yolk Buddy, and 10K Sunny Side Up Singles Run. Solo runs will also be available for the 3K and 5K distances. Students are also encouraged to join in the race and will receive a discount upon registration.  

For its fourth year, Eatlog Run will include a new twist to its usual as it introduces various egg dishes in the refreshment stations found along the running course as a unique way to highlight the egg as a versatile, healthy, and affordable food choice.

“Eggs are a rich source of high-quality protein and other vitamins and minerals that fulfill the body’s nutritional requirements,” said Elbert Platon of DSM Nutritional Products Philippines Inc.

Other than the run itself, there will also be other activities like a zumba class that all members of the family can participate in. 

Proceeds from the fun run will be donated to Save the Children and Armed Forces of the Philippines Educational Benefit System Office (AFP-EBSO) to help the institutions continue their fight against malnutrition and to send orphaned children to school. 

Eatlog Run 4 will be held on October 13 at SM by the Bay to fulfill its quest of promoting healthy living. 

For more information, contact Veronica Ramos at 09278484533/09989565231 or  via