Red lady: A gift from god

By Zac B. Sarian

When we asked Chairman Chen Lung-Mu what he would consider the most remarkable hybrid that Known-You has had in its 50 years of developing and distributing seeds of highvalue crops, he readily answered, “Red Lady papaya. It’s a gift from God.”

Red Lady has been a bestseller for the last 20 years and continues to be so up to these days. There’s no sign that farmers are getting tired of it. It is an all-time favorite in the Philippines and also in other countries like India, Vietnam, Indonesia and in Latin American countries.

Farmers love Red Lady for a number of good reasons. It has excellent eating quality – sweet with firm red flesh. It is highly productive and more tolerant to diseases than other hybrids, especially the papaya ring spot virus (PRSV).

Many farmers have become rich, thanks to Red Lady. Most are making money from their harvest of fruits. But there are others who are also making good income by producing seedlings for sale.

For more information, visit the Known-You Seed Philippines, Inc. 

This appeared in Agriculture Monthly’s January 2019 issue. 

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