By Patricia Bianca S. Taculao

Due to lack of supply, the Good Shepherd Convent located in Baguio has temporarily switched to selling white ube jam instead of their regular purple one. 

The convent took to Facebook and said that climate change has given their farmers difficulty in growing ube. 

“It has been our struggle in recent years to find a stable supply. And in the past weeks there was none,” Good Shepherd said in a post. 

The convent then opted to use white ube since it is the only available supply currently. 

Good Shepherd assured the public that “it is just as good as the purple one.”

They also asked for support from the public since the earnings from the products are allocated for the college education of the Cordillera youth. 

Famous for its ube jam, Good Shepherd also produces other products such as strawberry jam and peanut brittle which are made from the crops grown in Baguio. 

In their hopes to address the issue at hand, the convent encourages the public to share in the preservation of the environment and climate justice. 

“Let’s not do this just because we love ube jam but because we #CareForOurCommonHome” it said.

(Photo courtesy of The Good Shepherd Facebook page)