Filipina farming advocate appointed ambassador for UN nutrition movement

A Filipina agriculture revolutionary has been recognized for her commitment to combat malnutrition and delegated by United Nation’s Secretary-General Antonio Guterres as a high-level ambassadress for its Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement. 

Cherie Atilano, president and founder of Marinduque based social enterprise Agrea, is known for her commitment to promote sustainable agriculture and transforming abandoned school gardens into a place for learning. In addition, Atilano’s organization aims to make the island viable in terms of economy.

“Investing in the future of  the younger generation for their garden classrooms as venue for education, mindset change towards agriculture, and cultivating love for the land and healthy food – is a gamechanger for a food secure and healthy communities,” Atilano said in a statement. 

SUN Movement strives to put an end to malnutrition and achieve sustainable development by 2030. Part of Atilano’s job is to aid in the nutrition of 60 member countries, including the Philippines as well as oversee the future developments.

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