Snake plants can help purify air

A snake plant or sansevieria.

Sansevieria trifasciata is a common ornamental plant is known for its yellow stripe running the length of its green leaf margins. It is a popular indoor plant because it requires little to no maintenance at all. Commonly known as snake plant or mother-in-law’s tongue, this sturdy plant is more than just for decoration — it has a benefit known by few.

The plant has air purifying qualities, which means it removes toxins and irritants in the air then releases oxygen for animals and humans to breathe. This makes the plant perfect for bedrooms or workplace desks. 

Nature offers a lot; all it asks is for us to take care of it. With this low-maintenance plant, you have a friend which works two-ways. Take care of this plant and it will take care of you.

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    1. Horticultural people should stop over-hyping this NASA research. I just read that NASA report (NASA-TM-101766). It’s been turned into overblown hype by trade writers. The researchers also made a bad mistake by using fresh potting soil as a control, when it is blindingly obvious that a “lived-in” soil must be tested as well. It was a small enclosure with forced air circulation. All houseplants showed some effects on one or more chemical. Did the plants process the chemicals in any way? It wasn’t tested!

      Thus I might as well conclude that purifying is more likely done by microbes (which can evolve quickly for such things), while the poor plants are just forced to absorb the chemicals (remember, the first set of tests were 24 hours only). If you leave a houseplant in a corner of a room with stagnant air, it will do much less when relying on diffusion for gas exchange. Meh. Overblown hype. The industry should do some proper, realistic tests instead.

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