The International Sustainability Summit Manila gathered experts to discuss the theme, “The Future of Sustainable Supply Chains from Production to Consumer.” 

Topics included “Global Sustainable Tourism,” “Sustainable Farming,” “Sustainable Seafood,” “Traceability and Blockchain Technology,” “Sustainability Standards,” and “The Future of Food.”

Speakers included Ann Dumaliang, Project Officer at Masungi Georeserve; Allan Cledera, Consultant for Rural Development and Climate Smart Agriculture: Integrated Farming System and Social Business; Susan Roxas, Asia Pacific Coordinator for the Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability at WWF; and Pacita U. Juan, Owner of Echo Store.

“…our global food system, in many ways, is broken,” says Mark Dia, Global Programme Director of Farming of World Animal Protection. “…good food, nutritious food, sustainable food is a niche. It costs more than what you will find regularly. If we are not able to address this, we are not able to address a lot of the sustainability issues in relation to food… We have to remove the cost barrier for sustainable food.”

He concludes: “We cannot look at sustainability from a one-sided perspective… it has to be done holistically so that we are looking at a change in the system of how we do things. Energy, food production. Or else we will be creating more problems hand having unintended consequences for our own future and also for the future of our children.”