Cows are also optimists or pessimists like people

A study has revealed that dairy calves are also optimistic or pessimistic, just like people.

These newly found information can help dairy farmers understand how to treat their cows better, which may boost production. Farmers should not only take into consideration how the cows feel as a herd, but also how they feel individually. 

Researchers trained calves using a reward system using milk jugs for them to better understand the animals. They predicted that optimistic calves would often expect a reward despite the uncertainty, while pessimistic cows would avoid the milk jugs even though there might be a reward.

True enough, calves gave different responses, though a few cows responded similarly throughout the experiment. Some calves were consistent in their outlook so researchers concluded that a cow has its own individual trait and their reactions are not just circumstantial. The calves were also immersed in strange positions to analyze fearfulness. The results strengthened the data as they found out that fearfulness and pessimism have a correlation. 

The newly found information allows agriculturists to understand animals, cows to be specific, and hopefully, how to treat them properly. Animals are living beings too, so they can feel things and should be treated nicely, like people.

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