Basilan to become competitive in local coffee production

Isabela City, Basilan will bolster its local coffee industry as it joined forces with non-profit organization, Philippine Coffee Board, Inc. (PCBI) through a capacity building session for coffee farmers.

The partnership aims to accommodate the continuous rise in demand for coffee products both locally and internationally. The province is known as one of the producers of Excelsa coffee in the country.

As Basilan becomes more active in the coffee industry, they are expecting to play a vital role in the coffee sustainability in the country, which today estimates around 130,000 MT and growing. 

Philippine production of specialty beans Liberica and Excelsa, which consists of 5-10% of local supply, rates from P250-300 per kilo while the more common Robusta ranges from P100-150 per kilo. If the initiative becomes successful, it could bring tremendous economic benefits not only to the province, but also the country.

Representatives from different organizations taught farmers how to boost harvest yield but more importantly, how to develop the quality of products coming from the region. The launching event is also an effort to further the knowledge of Basilan coffee farmers and bring the market closer to them.

PCBI aims to make Philippine coffee competitive in the global market through enhancing the quality of coffee beans in the country. 

They are dedicated to the promotion of the Philippine coffee through projects which provide technical and financial assistance for coffee farms, and marketing of coffee both locally and globally.

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