The presence of African swine fever (ASF) in pigs, combined with the surging price of chicken, leaves the consumers in crisis. Fortunately, there is a poultry product that can substitute these common meats.

Now might be the right time to introduce duck meat to the table as part of daily meals in Filipino homes, incorporating it to dishes recognized by children as well, said celebrity chef Pablo “Boy” Logro.

According to a study, duck meat is full of nutrients and contains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Duck, though its skin is considered fatty, has less cholesterol compared to chicken.

Logro added there are methods that can be done to soften duck meat such as boiling and grinding before cooking. He also advised cooking duck meat with garlic, lemongrass, or turmeric to remove its sliminess. Duck meat is cheaper compared to chicken, he said.

Meanwhile, the more common product which people use from ducks are its eggs, specifically for balut, making the duck industry second to chicken, Agriculture Secretary William Dar said.

Dar is looking to boost opportunities for the duck industry in both local and international market. 

Duck can be a great substitute to commonly availed meat products because it is budget-friendly and nutritious, giving consumers an option to buy meat without sacrificing anything.

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