Researchers find connection between eating mushrooms and lower risk of prostate cancer

There might be a correlation between eating mushrooms and a lower chance of developing prostate cancer, according to a recent study.

The research, conducted in Japan, showed the capability of mushrooms, with regular consumption, to reduce the risk of men developing prostate cancer. One of the researchers said mushrooms contain vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which hugely helps combat stress that triggers cancer.

Participant habits in terms of food consumption, physical activity, vices, education, family and medical history were monitored and recorded. Researchers observed Japanese men with ages ranging from 40 to 79 from 1990 and 1994, with a follow-up observation conducted until 2014 and 2008.

Results of the follow-up observation on the participants revealed that regular mushroom consumption indeed reduces the possibility of prostate cancer, especially in those ages 50 and older. Regular mushroom consumption was related to a lower risk of developing prostate cancer regardless of how much fruit and vegetables, or meat and dairy products were consumed. 

Participants who ate mushrooms at least once a week showed 8% lower risk of developing prostate cancer, while those who ate mushrooms three or more times per week had a 17% lower risk over participants who did not consume mushrooms in a week. However, 3.3% of the participants developed prostate cancer during follow-up period. 

Despite the findings, the researchers emphasized that a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle can help prevent prostate cancer more than just eating mushrooms.

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