A natural coating to make fruits and vegetables last two to three times longer on the shelf was introduced by a US-based company to help reduce food ending up in the trash.

Apeel, a company based in California, discovered an edible, flavorless, and natural coating which helps fruits and vegetables slow down water loss and reduce its exposure to air. It acts like a barrier that slows down the ripening of produce.

The edible coating is a mixture of pulp, peels, and seeds from various fruits and vegetables. The ingredients are processed into powder to be mixed with water and then applied to produce by spraying, dipping, or brushing it on and then leaving the fruit to dry.

Eight million avocados have already been treated in the US, and the company is looking to treat other fruits and launch the product in Europe.

Although the idea is still new and slowly being introduced to the public, the innovation will help both consumers and producers reduce waste and feed more people.

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