2019 guide to urban gardening

Over time, more city dwellers are discovering the benefits of urban gardening. These advantages include finding a new hobby to enjoy, earning a profit and, of course, being able to grow food within city conditions. 

Despite the challenges of having limited space and pollution, some people braved the odds and managed to establish their own gardens in the middle of the city. 

To get you started on the right foot, we’ve collated articles on the subject published throughout the year.  

For starters, this gardener promotes the grows food in an urban setting because it provides families with a ready supply of fresh vegetables while helping them beat the increasing prices of vegetables found in the market.  

If you’re planning to venture into gardening for income, check out the story of this urban gardener who managed to grow the world’s hottest pepper on his rooftop in Makati. Not only does he consume it, he also uses it for his restaurant’s dishes, and in creating a hot sauce line that ignites a fire for those who are brave enough to try it. 

Looking for something unusual to try out? An exotic urban gardening idea is xerophytic gardening. It refers to the hobby of growing cacti and other succulents for food. 

If you’re planning to grow herbs that can be used for culinary purposes, check out this article that offers a few tips on how to grow herbs from cuttings as well as how to use them in a recipe. 

In the meantime, some urban gardeners consider the activity as a way to promote healthy practices and escape the hustle and bustle of the city. 

A university professor did just so by transforming her townhouse with gardens that serve as her safe spaces whenever she needs to find a refuge from the mundane. 

If this list still doesn’t satisfy your curiosity or give you that boost of confidence, make sure to also check out last year’s guide for more articles that will both help and inspire you to start urban gardening. 

Whether you plan to garden for pleasure or profit, the best thing to do is start regardless of what might come to be.

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