2019 Guide to Livestock Raising

In agriculture, there are many fields that one can venture into such as vegetable production and livestock raising. However, the task of raising livestock can be daunting and every farmer needs all the help they can get. 

Here’s a list of this year’s articles on animal husbandry that we’ve collated for convenience: 


To get started, here’s a guide  ( to help aspiring breeders get off on the right foot. 

If you’re having trouble feeding your cattle, this article ( talks about an indigenous technology that is used for backyard fattening of livestock. 


Native chickens have used by many farmers as a source of income. But before they can be profitable, it pays to know the different strains we have listed in the country and how can they be properly bred ( 


We know what you’re thinking: “insects are not livestock!” Well, if they’re on a farm and regarded as an asset, they might as well be considered as such. 

In this article, a farmer managed to grow chili peppers with the help of native stingless bees known as “kiwot”. (

Although they’re not insects, worms also play a big role in a farm. They can also be used as a means to earn money, just like what this farmer did ( 

Still looking for more? Check out last year’s guide to animal raising to indulge your curious mind.

Aside from those listed here, there are other articles on livestock raising published on the website ( Make sure to check out all or some of them to help you get inspiration or rise above challenges in the process.

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