Tips to make cut flowers last longer

Receiving flowers are wonderful, until you have to clear out fallen petals and dirty and smelly vase water. But what’s worse is when your flowers don’t last long.

Fear no more, flower enthusiasts. We have some useful hacks for you to extend the life of your cut flowers.

Add any of the following to vase water

Sugar – Just add a couple teaspoons of sugar into the flowers’ vase. Sugar supplies the nutrients that flowers stop getting the moment they are pulled out of the ground. 

Vinegar – One of the most accessible kitchen condiments can surprisingly help your flowers last longer since vinegar impedes bacteria growth. However, the results are better when vinegar and sugar are added to vase water.

Clear soft drinks – The sugar found in clear soft drinks can help supply necessary nutrients that the flower needs. Their acidity decreases the pH of the water, allowing the flower absorb more nutrients.

Vodka – Vodka helps slow down the flower’s natural production of ethylene, which causes the flower to bloom then wilt.

Choose the right vase

Just like the water, it is also important to find the right vase for the kind of flower you have. A low vase is suitable for big and heavily-petaled flowers so they can have space to spread out and support the weight of each other immediately upon blooming.

On the other hand, light and delicate flowers are fit for tall vases. Do not congest your flowers, and if you think that there are too many stems jammed together, distribute them into several vases.

Keep the flowers well-maintained

The bouquet must be trimmed at a 45-degree angle before being put in water because it will enable the plants to absorb the most amount of water. Trim the stems every couple of days using garden shears or a sharp knife.

Place your bouquet in a cool place away from direct sunlight and ripening fruits since these can cause them to bloom faster. See to it that there are no leaves floating on the water and immediately remove wilted flowers to avoid the growth of bacteria.

And lastly, the water and the vase must be cleaned regularly to keep the flowers fresh. Follow these tips and extend the life of your cut flowers.

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