Italy passes law to end food-waste

Italy is aiming to end food-waste. Instead of throwing away unsold goods, Italy wants businesses to donate them to charity. The bill received great support from all political parties and has advanced through the approval process due to its environmental, economic and moral impacts.

The model of careless waste is subject to much needed change. Various countries like France are imposing hefty fines, or even prison sentences, on non-compliant businesses. However, Italy is taking a different approach. Rather than imposing penalties, garbage collection tax will be reduced for businesses that will take the initiative to donate their food waste. To implement the tax break easily, all food donated by businesses has to be recorded.

Legislators wish to decrease the expenses on waste management through this bill, as they have already spent more than $13 billion USD. The aim is to recover over 1 billion tonnes of excess food from 2016 up to 550 million tonnes from the previous year. It is a challenging quantity; however the food recovery movement is rapidly developing.

A French politician is eyeing to end food-waste through passing an EU-wide proposal for all member countries. In an interview, he stated that “The problem is simple – we have food going to waste and poor people who are going hungry.”

The most enthusiastic supporters of the movement are the Danes; some people even choose to buy from “food-waste” shops instead of the usual grocery stores. Chefs around the world are also taking part by experimenting with food-waste menus.

It is hoped that this law will help decrease food waste by making sure still-edible food that otherwise would have been thrown away can be consumed by those who most need it.

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