Bolivia aims to be self-sufficiently food secure by 2020

To support small and medium farmers, the government of Bolivia invested $40 million for food production to ensure a food secure country by 2020. According to Marisol Solano, the Deputy Minister of Rural Development and Agriculture, over 20 food security projects are already on-going all over the country.

The financial assistance will support the breeding of livestock, fish farming, and the production of crops such as tomatoes, wheat, vegetables, coffee, and cocoa. The goal of Bolivia is to become entirely self-sufficient by enhancing local capacities. It seems that the country’s goal is not impossible due to an increase of food production by 25 percent since 2014.

To address underlying global issues such as unemployment, hunger, and poverty reduction by relying less on imports would not only improve the livelihood of local farmers but it would also decrease carbon emissions.  

It is still uncertain whether or not Bolivia will become completely food-independent in five years. However what is certain is that if all governments will invest on the improvement of existing local capabilities, there would be a better conversation about world development issues.

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