2020 guide to fishing and agriculture

When we talk about agriculture, the first thing that comes to mind is growing crops or raising livestock on land to cover our basic needs. However, there is another category of agriculture that deals with the rearing of aquatic animals or the cultivation of aquatic plants for food: aquaculture.

For those who want to try their luck out in farming in the waters by dabbling in aquaculture, here are a few articles on the topic to get you inspired or informed about how it works: 

To start, an engineer set up a spirulina farm to share its health benefits which he enjoyed himself. 

There have been several concerns in the tilapia industry that bothered. Both the government and private shareholders have taken steps to create a more sustainable production system. 

One trick that tilapia farmers discovered is how to produce more tilapia spawn. This simple method is developed to help increase the supply of fingerlings and meet the increasing demands of the tilapia industry. 

Apart from relying on fishing as their only means of income, several fishing communities also craft fishing traps to for a more sustainable approach on fishing. 

Despite the contributions of local fisheries, stakeholders are calling upon the government for the establishment of an agency that focuses on the conservation and development of the country’s marine resources. 

These are only some of the articles published on the site that are related to fisheries and aquaculture. For more articles stories related to agriculture, stay tuned to

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