Build a ‘living playhouse’

Kids love everything about playtime. But due to the emergence of technology, most of them are more interested in spending time on their gadgets and playing video games. Today, playhouse building plans that incorporate living plants are now available on the internet, such as this one from Healthy Food House. Only a few materials are needed, then you can now build a living playhouse for your children that will encourage kids to go outside and experience nature, as well as harvest the produce that grows from it. 


10 long bamboo canes or tree branches approximately 6 ft long

1 pack of runner bean seed (or any climbing plant – ed.)

Garden twine 

Chicken wire (optional)


  1. Attach the bamboo canes to the ground, forming a circle shape while creating a teepee tip. Leave a bigger space between two canes to create a doorway. Secure the top by using garden twine or chicken wire to tie it.
  2. Using the garden twine or chicken wire, cover the whole thing by wrapping them around the cane.
  3. Dig a 1 foot wide garden bed around the circular base and fill it with compost and manure.
  4. Poke 2-inch holes at the base of each cane. Plant one runner bean per hole and fill it with water. When the water is drained, cover the hole with soil and water.
  5. Use organic slug pellets to keep slugs away from your seedlings. 
  6. Wrap the bean shoot around the cane and string until they naturally climb.
  7. To lock the moisture in the soil, cover the base of your runner beans with wood chip.
  8. Water your plants regularly.

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