Researchers from Bangor University in Wales, UK are working with leftover farm wastes to create trays for fresh fruits, vegetables, and eggs. They said that the research can provide an additional income for farmers in Uganda. Dr. Adam Charlton believes that the result of this research can add value to the materials farmers aren’t currently using.

Plant fibers are collected and mashed up then pressed into shallow trays. The result is a plastic-like material.

Charlton said that they’ve spent a lot of time working with agricultural leftovers which people don’t do much with. He also added that the materials are compostable and are already produced by farmers in large quantities.

All supermarket retailers in the UK are desperate to solve the issue of single use plastics. 

Bangor scientists and academics in Makerere University in Uganda are working together to analyze if maize stalks can be used as an alternative food packaging.

According to the researchers, approximately 30 to 40% of fruits and vegetables are wasted even before they reach the market because they are not properly protected.

Egg boxes made from grass have already developed and are now being used by the supermarket chain Waitrose.

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