Farm ready kids veggie workshop at SM City Clark

Farm ready, in partnership with SM, conducted a Kid’s Summer Veggie Workshop held at the Events Center, SM City Clark. The activity attracted mall goers, schoolchildren and their families. Lectures on home/urban gardening and container gardening were discussed. Participants, who were mostly novice gardeners, had a chance to experience hands-on activities like soil preparation, seed identification, seed sowing, seed planting, sack gardening, etc.

It is said that children who learn to plant will live healthier, score higher in science tests, improve their social and emotional well-being, and will likely eat more vegetables. This activity workshop is one of the activities by Farm Ready to encourage the whole community, including children, parents, teachers, and workers, to learn and appreciate the joy and value of growing and eating vegetables. This will help promote food security, good nutrition, clean and green environment, and livelihood.

Farm Ready opened a Concept Store at the Garden, SM City Clark. The concept store aims to make vegetable growing easy for everyone. It will offer the community access to information on vegetable growing, technology and seeds/seedlings, and inputs. Here, interested gardeners can buy various vegetable seedlings in various stages of growth–ready-to-plant, ready-to-grow, and ready-to-harvest herbs, soil media, vegetable seeds, etc. Colorful flowers can also be purchased to add beauty to one’s surroundings. The Farm Ready Concept Store in SM Clark is also a convenient order center for vegetable farmers around the area (Magalang, Angeles, Porac, Capas, and Bamban) in sourcing their ready-to-plant vegetable seedlings and other inputs.

For more information, visit the Farm-Ready GG Seedling Corporation.

This appeared in Agriculture Monthly’s July 2019 issue. 

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