Houseplants may help people suffering from anxiety, loneliness, and depression

Aside from other benefits that indoor plants provide their human hosts such as increasing oxygen level, cleaning the air, boosting healing, and relieving stress, another study found that houseplants promote happiness. 

Medical practitioners in Manchester, England are prescribing house plants to help people suffering from anxiety, loneliness, and depression.

According to a report, patients receive herbs, vegetables, and a potted plant to care for. Then after some time, these plants will be brought back to the medical office to transplant them into a communal garden. This kind of prescription is believed to be the first in the country, allowing patients to interact with others through social and gardening activities.

The Cornbrook Medical Practice launched the plant prescription plan in inner-city Hulme, where people do not have much access to green space. The plan was supported by the city health commissioners, believing that the concept is a holistic way to promote environmental and social involvement of the people that will improve the state of the city.

Dr. Ruth Bromley from Manchester Health and Care Commission admits that house plants and community gardening will not completely cure anxiety and depression. However, it is effective in lifting people’s spirits because what may keep them happy may not always be covered by medical recommendations. That said, patients suffering from mental illnesses like anxiety, loneliness, and depression may need medication, depending on doctors’ orders.

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