The egg industry kills about 4.6 billion male chicks every year because they cannot lay eggs and their growth is much slower than females if they were to be raised for commercial purposes.

Fortunately, scientists in Germany now have a solution to eradicate the brutal practice of annually shredding billions of male chicks worldwide. They have developed a patented test called Sellegt which is an easy way to determine chick’s sex before it even hatches. 

Eggs will undergo a test that involves checking for chemical markers inside the shell. Female chicks usually have a larger quantity of hormones floating around inside. The test is 99% accurate in finding out the sex of the embryo. Specimens will be collected for testing through a tiny laser beam that burns a 0.3mm hole into the eggshell and through air pressure that squeezes a drop of liquid from the inside. The male chicks that would have hatched from eggs will be turned into other products like animal feed before their eggs even crack open.

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