Logs are usually one of the things that get ignored when seen in parks, playgrounds, or forests. However, these old logs can also be turned into useful decorations for the outside of your home!

Gardening blog My Desired Home offered instructions on how to create a flower bed from an old log. Things that you will need include the log, soil, seedlings, scissors, film, and expanded clay. To shape and carve the wood, you will need a chainsaw, chisel, and a mallet.

Sand the log using the chisel and mallet. Use the chainsaw to cut into the log to create a rectangular hollow for your flower bed. Be sure to leave the bottom part intact. Remove excess wood with the chisel. Lay the film inside as a liner. Pour the expanded clay and soil over the liner and lastly, plant your flower seedlings inside the log.

You can now wait for your plants to grow and once they do, you can enjoy your pretty nature-themed planter.

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