A water bottle made of bamboo has been developed to replace plastic bottles

Climate change is now a global problem that cannot be ignored. Although there are people who are trying to improve the situation in their own simple ways, it is still a challenge that may only be resolved through unified actions.

Since the emergence of environmental awareness and fight against climate change, bamboo has been replacing plastic in lots of countries around the world. Two men from India developed a water bottle made of bamboo. 

The water bottles came in different sizes and costs varied from Rs400 to 600, around P200 to P400 in Philippine money. The water bottles are 100% made of all-natural products and sealed with a cork which makes it leak-proof.

The challenge the product’s developers are facing is that a lot of locals are still not aware of the effects of using plastic on a daily basis. They are working to raise awareness on these kinds of issues to help lessen the impact of climate change.

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