Social enterprise launches carabao milk subscription program to aid dairy farmers amidst Covid-19

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In a Facebook post, Richard Cavosora, proprietor of Magdalene Organics, put out a call on behalf of Philippine Carabao Center, its affiliate dairy farmer cooperatives in CALABARZON, tdelivery service Lalamove, and Calaboo, a social enterprise that produces dairy products incubated in Gawad Kalinga.

The post begins by talking about how smallholder carabao dairy farmers are especially vulnerable during this time because if their products are not sold right away, they spoil.

Screencapped from Richard Caovsora’s Facebook post with his permission.

He adds that since carabao milk is a niche product, it is hard to get it to the places where it is usually purchased.

Screencapped from Richard Caovsora’s Facebook post with his permission.

Folks can order via a Google document. There are several subscription options:

1. Basic 1 Month Subscription: 4 once-a-week deliveries of 1 Pack of (3) 1L Bottles for a total of 12 Bottles at Php2,400 (each Bottle is Php200/L)

2. Monthly Subscription with Extra Packs/More Months (Multi-pack/Multi-month): Depends on # of Packs and Length of Subscription

3. One-time Order: 1 Pack of (3) 1L Bottles at Php750 (each Bottle is Php250/L)

Calaboo Subscription Details screencapped from the order form.

Folks who want to order can click here to access the Google document.

Read’s article on the Philippine Carabao Center.

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