DA, together with PBIDC, aims to develop Philippine bamboo industry

During the meeting of the Philippine Bamboo Industry Development Council (PBIDC) last February 6, Agriculture Secretary Dar announced bamboo’s status as a high-value crop.

With the goal of making the environment resilient and providing economic activities to support the development of the bamboo industry, the PBIC will be conducting research, processing and value-adding, budgetary support, and complementing programs.

Dar also said that technology is necessary to mass propagate bamboo. The DA’s new agri-industrial strategy under ‘new thinking for agriculture’ entails not just the enhancement of farm productivity but also looks into adding more value-added products to increase employment, business opportunities, and livelihood for the farmers and their families. Dar also suggested that  PBIDC “look at opportunities in providing funding support for bamboo tissue culture,” and address the insufficient planting materials as a way to restore bamboo industry.

To widen the market and industry promotion, Dar mentioned the importance of encouraging more Filipinos and foreign investors to set up tissue culture facilities and to engage in bamboo production and processing.  One strategy that DA hopes to achieve is having the private sector partner with communities and farmers’ groups that can elevate the Philippine bamboo industry so it can provide business and income opportunities for the people.

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