Commodities available from March 26 to 27, 2020 at ATI Diliman, QC

The Kadiwa Market will be open on March 26 and March 27 from 5 am to 5 pm or until supplies last. Vegetables and other commodities come from farms in nearby regions. The market will be held at the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) Elliptical Road, Diliman Quezon City. 


Photo courtesy of Agribusiness – AMAS


Price List:

Fresh Bangus (medium) 175.00

Fresh Tilapia (medium) 125.00

Atchara (350ml) 150.00

Cashew Nuts (roasted) 800.00

Chico 50.00

Pure Wild Honey (250ml) 170.00

Pure Wild Honey (350ml) 220.00

Turmeric (250g) 150.00

Turmeric (300g) 200.00

Alamang 20.00 per pack

Dried Fish – Banak 50.00 per pack

Dried Fish – Sapsap 50.00 per pack

Tuyo 80.00 per pack

Caramilk Strawberry 200mL 200.00

Caramilk Reduced Fat 1L 135.00

Caramilk Full Cream 1L 150.00

Cow’s Milk Choco 200mL 200.00

Cow’s Milk 1L 100.00

Kesong Puti 200g 750.00

Sugar (refined) 40.00

Sugar (washed) 35.00

Salted Egg 13.00 per piece

Ampalaya 85.00

Baguio Beans 60.00

Bell Pepper 65.00

Broccoli 105.00

Cabbage 60.00

Carrots 45.00

Cauliflower 80.00

Celery 65.00

Chayote 25.00

Eggplant 65.00

Garlic 120.00

Okra 45.00

Onion 75.00

Onion Leeks 100.00

Potato 85.00

Petchay Baguio 60.00

Sitao 185.00

Squash 20.00

Tomato 35.00

Upo 35.00 per piece

Some of the vegetables available at the Kadiwa Market

Agribusiness and Marketing Assistance Service (AMAS) reminds the public to wear masks, observe social distancing, and to bring an eco-bag. 

Price of sugar range from P35-P40

For more information, you may contact the Agribusiness Development Center (ADC) at 09167667429 or on their official Facebook account. (Photos from Agribusiness- AMAS)

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