By Yvette Tan

Parts of the country, including the whole of Luzon, put under enhanced community quarantine to help curb the spread of COVID-19. Borders have been tightened and the flow of goods, including fresh meat and produce, have been strictly monitored. Because of this, people are realizing the importance of growing one’s own food or starting a business in the agriculture industry.

The Agricutural Training Institute (ATI) is the training arm of the Department of Agriculture (DA). They offer free nationwide workshops for people who want to get into farming or farmers who want to enhance their skills. They have kept their e-Learning for Agriculture and Fisheries program open for folks who are looking to learn new things at home and apply them after the quarantine has been lifted.

The ATI is offering e-courses so people can learn about starting an agrubusiness without having to leave their homes.

There are a variety of courses to choose from, including:

Beekeeping isn’t just about honey. A lot of byproducts, some of them expensive, can be generated from this business as well.

Learn how to keep bees!

Everybody needs Vitamin C. Learn how to grow and sell this marketable product.

Citrus growing can be profitable.

Take your vegetable game to the next level by implementing Good Agricultural Practices (GAP).

Level up your vegetable game!

There’s a growing demand for goat meat as they can be easy to grow and are halal as well.

Raise goats and be the G.O.A.T.

Mushrooms are always in demand. Learn how to grow them as a business.

Make money with mushrooms!

Learning to make natural fertilizer is a must for people who want to go into natural farming.

Learn to make organic fetilizer for healthier plants.

Hog farmers can benefit from learning how to artificially inseminate pigs.

Learn to artificially inseminate pigs.

Everyone loves the sweet potato. Learn how to grow this potential moneymaker.

Learn to cultivate the sweet potato.

Even people with small spaces can grow their own food. This course explains how.

You don’t need a huge plot of land to grow your own food.

Turn kitchen scraps into precious fertilizer with the help of earthworms. This vermicomposting course will explain how:

Earthworms can help turn trash to cash.

Got questions? Folks who have questions about their crops or livestock can contact the ATI’s Farmers Contact Center (FCC). The FCC is a call center staffed by licensed agriculturists where farmers and enthusiasts can ask questions about agriculture and aquaculture.

Licensed agriculturists are waiting to take your call.

Staying home is no excuse to stop learning. Take a course and plan on how to make money in agriculture after the quarantine lifts. It’s the business that will never run out of customers because no matter what happens, everyone will need to eat.

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