Easy steps on how to start growing your own food while on community quarantine

by Vina Medenilla

In times like this, it is important for us to re-think and realize the importance of agriculture in our lives to survive with or without a crisis.

Wilson Tan, a Bicolano chef, hot sauce maker, and Carolina Reaper farmer from Makati encourages everyone to start vegetable gardening at home.

On his social media post, he shared a few tips about how people can easily grow food for everyday consumption, especially during the month-long quarantine.

The materials needed are recycled containers that will serve as pots, garden soil, vermicast soil, CRH carbonized rice hull and seeds.

Planting procedure

Get the plastic container, make a hole at the bottom, put the soil in it.

If you are planting tomato seeds, dry it first to eliminate the coat of the seeds for faster germination.

After that, spread the seeds on top of the soil, spray some water, keep the soil moist and wait for a few days for it to germinate.

When it grows, it can be transferred to a bigger pot or container.

To make organic fertilizer, crush some eggshells and soak it in vinegar for 15 days. Afterward, take one tablespoon of the mixture, mix it in one liter of water and it can now be used as fertilizer for the plants.

A tip from Tan, get seeds from the vegetables that are available in the household like okra, bitter gourd, and string beans. Seeds that are easy-to-grow are seeds of tomato, chili pepper, finger pepper, bell pepper, and the easiest, water spinach and camote tops.

One thing is for sure, growing food at home will save you and your family from food costs in the long run.

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