This initiative will help local farmers to sell their produce straight to buyers

By Vina Medenilla

Our local farmers have been suffering from the low demand for their produce since Enhanced Community Quarantine was imposed in different parts of the country in a bid to halt the spread of COVID-19. 

The temporary halting of mass transportation, the tightening of borders, and the enforcement of social distancing are some of the reasons that have made it hard for farmers to sell their harvests. In fact, some farmers in Benguet have no choice but to throw their produce on the roadsides due to oversupply and decreasing sales.  

Agrea International [ ], a company that advocates for the environment, food security, and eradicating poverty in the Philippines, is offering a way to make agricultural commodities accessible to consumers while helping local farmers market their produce despite the transportation restrictions due to COVID-19. 

The organization has set up a program called Move Food Initiative where people can order online and have it delivered right in front of their doorstep.  

This is the procedure of how we can help the local farmers via the Move Food Initiative.

Here is how you can order:

  1. To order, fill out the order form at The list of produce with prices can also be seen on the same link. The list is updated every Tuesday morning.

Order cut off: Friday, 1 PM

Delivery days: Over the weekend

  1. They only facilitate bulk orders. Minimum order per produce commodity is 5 kilos, and 100 kilos minimum of total assorted produce per village/condo.
  2. The form will also include the Zonal Delivery area. Their delivery areas include Paranaque, Makati, Taguig, Valle Verde in Pasig and others.
  3. Fill out the Order Form and click Submit.
  4. The team will review your order based on your completed form and will send a confirmation email with full details.


Price list:

Kalabasa (squash), Suprema – P30/Kg

Ampalaya (bitter gourd) – P87/Kg

Sitaw (string beans) – P100/Kg

Kamote (sweet potato) – P62/Kg

Pechay, Tagalog – P60/Kg

Labanos (radish) – P36/Kg

Talong (eggplant) – P80/Kg

Kamatis (tomato) – P46/Kg

Okra – P94/Kg

Bawang (garlic) – P260/Kg

Papaya, Panggulay – P16/Kg

Luya (ginger) – P250/Kg

Turmeric (luyang dilaw) – P90/Kg

Chicken Eggs, White – P260 per tray of 30pcs

Broccoli (trimmed) – P150/Kg

Cauliflower (trimmed) – P150/Kg

Carrots (medium sized, washed) – P60/Kg

Sayote (chayote) – P45/Kg

Repolyo (cabbage) – P70/Kg

Wombok (Baguio pechay) – P60/Kg

Pineapple (pinya) – P60/piece


The prices follow the Department of Agriculture approved commodity pricing.


Graphic from Agrea International

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Vina Medenilla
Vina Medenilla is a content producer for Agriculture Monthly magazine. She is a graduate from Miriam College with a bachelor’s degree in Communication. Fashion, photography, and travel are some of the things she loves. For her, connection with nature is essential to one’s life.

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    1. Good day,

      Wish all of us a blessed safe and healthy day, while searching a local buyer i am lucky to find this site, we are looking for a Local Luya (Ginger) buyer, we have difficulty in selling our farm product due to present pandemic situation. We have Ginger long overdue to harvest. If possible we need your help n advise to sell the same to help our local farmers, we have approximately 3 tons if harvested.

      Respectfully yours
      Warly Faner

      1. Hello! You can try contacting your local DA office for help. Good luck!

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