Container gardening: four steps to use plastic bottles as vegetable pots

By Vina Medenilla

Container gardening or pot gardening is a method of growing plants in containers as an alternative to sowing seeds on the ground. Containers mean not just the clay pots but also upcyclable materials like pitchers, plastic cups, plastic food containers, tin cans, sacks, and others. 

Aside from it being environmentally friendly, it is easy, doable, and practical, especially during a crisis, when sourcing food from one’s backyard may be a blessing.

The Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) of Cagayan Valley shares how one can grow green leafy vegetables like pechay, mustard, lettuce, and kangkong through container gardening to make Food Always in the Home (FAITH).

Here’s how you can start:

Materials you will need include an empty plastic bottle, old rags (cotton) or yarn, scissors or cutter, potting soil mix, and vegetable seeds or seedlings.

Step 1: Cut a 1.5L plastic bottle in half. Puncture three holes approximately one inch apart at the top of the bottle that will serve as drainage for your plant.

Step 2: Add potting soil mix on the side of the bottle where you drilled holes. Cut two strips of wicking fabric or yard and insert it into the neck of the bottle.

Step 3: Add water to the base of your planter. If available, add organic liquid fertilizer such as concoctions and extracts.

Step 4: Sow the seeds or plant a seedling. Water lightly from the top just once to settle them in.

Graphic from ATI Region 2.

In difficult times like this, de-stressing activities like edible gardening that will not just make you feel relaxed but will also be advantageous in providing you food in the long run.

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