Fruits as the new leather: vegan leather made of mangoes will be launched by a designer brand

As shared by Livekindly media, a London-based brand named Luxtra will be launching various leather handbags made from mangoes. 

Luxtra has teamed up with the makers of FruitLeather Rotterdam to create a ‘durable, leather-like material’ made from leftover mangoes sourced from fruit markets.  FruitLeather Rotterdam is another brand that transforms discarded fruits into products that started as a school assignment.  

FruitLeather creates leather out of mangoes by mashing the fruits and then boiling them to get rid of bacteria. The company’s main goal is to address the food waste problem associating it with a solution from the perspective of a designer, founder of Fruit leathers said.

Luxtra will be launching designs made from FruitLeather’s mango material. Some of its previous vegan leather collections are Piñatex that is made from pineapples and Frumat that is made from apples.  

Their mango leather handbags are said to be released by late March.

Luxury brands support vegan leather

Leather production is destructive to natural resources as well as to the environment. The huge amount of livestock used to create leather  increases carbon footprint and deforestation. 

And as a way to reduce animal leather, many leading fashion brands have started to support vegan leather. One brand even launched a vegan sneaker made of pineapple leather while another released vegan leather shoes made from used coffee grounds.

Pertaining to vegan leather, fruits are not just the only vegan commodity used. There are mushrooms, coffee and wine byproducts that are also used to create leathers.

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