Frontliners receive free seedlings from DA-BPI

By: Ellaine Kryss Hubilla


Since the beginning of community quarantine, the Department of Agriculture (DA)-Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI) had been distributing free seedlings to people who are interested in backyard gardening. But the distribution of free seedlings is not limited to civilians alone; frontliners also received free seeds from BPI.

Bureau of Plant Industry Facebook post about the free seedlings which were distributed to frontliners on duty.

The official Facebook page of the Bureau of Plant Industry recently shared photos of on-duty frontliners who received free seeds. The post reads: “Free seeds for the frontliners too! Some of the unsung heroes received free seeds from DA-Bureau of Plant Industry while performing their duties on the road amidst COVID-19 pandemic.”

According to the post, “warm smile, friendly nods, and thank you’s” were the response of the frontliners. There are also some extra seeds for frontliners’ colleagues and neighbors. 

This initiative is part of the department’s Plant, Plant, Plant program which aims to “intensify the promotion of urban and community agriculture as one of its interventions to help ensure availability of safe and healthy food.”

BPI’s free seedlings are still available for civilians and frontliners who wish to start their own backyard gardens. Just contact your local government units’ (LGU) agriculture office for inquiries.


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