Cheska Garcia-Kramer shares her backyard garden journey on social media posts

By: Ellaine Kryss Hubilla


Cheska Garcia-Kramer, Filipina actress and the wife of basketball player Doug Kramer, has been sharing her adventures in backyard gardening on her Instagram posts. Vegetable harvests, gardening tools, and even photos of her children while gardening are some of the contents Kramer has shared.

Fans and followers were surprised to learn that the family was able to grow their own plants despite their busy schedules as Cheska is an actress and model while Doug is a basketball player.

Cheska Garcia-Kramer showing her harvest from her backyard garden. Photo was taken from Instagram at @chekakramer.

In a photo that Cheska shared where she was holding bowls with petchay, calamansi, water spinach, and guava, she wrote: “Look at what we just harvested from our vegetable garden! You really reap what you sow! A little sweat here and there, patiently watering and tending the garden and look what we have here, fresh vegetables and fruits for us to enjoy! ❤️ God is generous.”

Aside from Kramer’s personal time in her garden, she is also educating her children on the importance of farming and the benefits of growing their own food. In a photo of her with her son Gavin, she wrote: “Lately I’ve been into growing our own vegetables here at home. I always try to involve the kids in helping me. Not only is it a fun activity, but they also understand the value of what we grow and why it is healthy for our bodies.” 


A photo of Cheska with her son Gavin in their backyard garden. Photo was taken from Instagram at @chekakramer.

That said, Cheska added that based on her personal experience, making your kids understand the value of farming also motivates them to eat fruits and vegetables without hesitation. Just like  Gavin, who knows that meals with vegetables, fruits, and protein will make one’s body stronger and taller.

Moreover, the Kramer family enjoys every harvest in their garden, which is filled with plants such as onion leeks, carrots, tomatoes, ginger, string beans, bell pepper, green chili, moringa, mango, winged beans, and many more. Cheska is also happy with how supportive her husband is. She even thanked Doug in her post when he bought a set of new gardening tools for his wife.


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