Branson: A multi-functional tractor suitable for farming any crop

Land preparation is vital to ensure that the rice field is ready for planting. The field must be well-prepared in order to control weeds. It also makes the soil soft and ready for planting, whether by direct seeding or transplanting. It balances the soil and recycles plant nutrients in order for the plants to grow well.

These are the reasons why FIT Corea Trading Phils., Inc. has introduced its new technologies for land preparation. Using a tractor for paddy and rotavator with a leveler is a complete package. Our Branson tractor has complete functions and can be equipped with a front loader and backhoe for additional options. Its hydraulic and joystick control make it easy to use.

The Branson Tractor series can be equipped with any attachments, whether manual or hydraulic. This tractor is a full option, European model with 12F x 12R Transmissions, Turbo-charged engine for more power, and TIER III (Stage 3) Emission Engine- Eco-friendly technology designed for both wet and dry land preparations suitable for rice farming, vegetable farming, and corn farming. The wheel turning radius is 52 degrees, making it easy to maneuver even in small areas.

Branson Tractor with front loader attachment.

There is no need for more modifications in the hydraulic systems, unlike with other tractor brands. With its 8-port hydraulic valve (4 ports in front and 4 ports in rear), this multifunctional tractor can be equipped with front end loader; grapple; backhoe; hay rake; PTO and hydraulic driven disc plow; grass cutter; levee maker (for making ridge and cleaning ridges in the paddy); post hole digger for making fences and putting up posts; underground crops harvesters for high value crops such as onion, garlic, potatoes, etc.; fertilizer spreader for commercial fertilizer; manure spreader for organic fertilizers; tractor-mounted seeder; sweet potato harvester; and countless other attachments without worrying about tractor modifications affecting the power of the engine.

Branson Tractor is 100% made in Korea and is very well known in the USA and in Europe. It is a high-end tractor with a very good price value that satisfies customers as it exceeds their expectations in usage and function.

For more info about Branson Tractors, visit FIT Corea Trading Phils., Inc. located at 10 D. Arellano St., Caloocan City or call 02-8922-6518 and 0929-7002000.

This appeared without a byline in Agriculture Monthly’s April 2020 issue. 

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