Vegetable gardening for beginners, part 3: Choosing the right spot

Growing vegetables in the comfort of one’s home has become a continuously rising trend throughout the years because of it has benefits like cutting down the cost of buying produce while also getting to enjoy nature. 

The previous articles talked about how to start vegetable gardening by learning the basics as well as determining the amount and kinds of produce to grow. The next step is to find the perfect spot to start growing fresh produce. 

Since most urban residences have limited to no space, make sure that the vegetable garden will grow in a location that’s accessible to the gardener and has readily available amounts of sunlight, air, and water. 

Like all plants, vegetables also rely on photosynthesis to grow. However, there are particular amounts of sunlight that should be given to specific crops. 

For example, peppers, tomatoes, and eggplants are sun-loving plants, which is why these should be planted in areas where they can get full sunlight. On the other hand, lettuce, kale, parsley, and thyme thrive well in shaded areas.

Aside from sunlight, proper watering is also the key to a successful garden. Determine the weather and soil conditions to identify how much water should be given to a plant. In dry, warm regions, frequent watering can help keep plants from drying up. Meanwhile, moist soil means that watering should be tempered to avoid root rot or drowning a plant. 

The closer a garden is to a source of water and proper amounts of sunlight, the less work will be needed in order to maintain it. 

Once the location has been settled, the next thing to consider is soil quality which will be discussed in the continuation of this article. 

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