A poultry farmer’s tips for vlogging success

Hens raised on cages without access to outdoor grass are said to produce eggs with less-nutritious, pale yellow egg yolks.

Poultry farmer Dwight Tamayo has found success and another source of income as a vlogger on YouTube. He says he would recommend vlogging to other farmers who can create good content on a regular basis. He offers some tips for farmers who want to start their own vlogs:

Find your own niche. You should be specific about your content so you can create a community that shares the same interest.

Be a good story teller. This will draw more interest to your audience since they will always crave for more knowledge and information.

Research well. This is a must since you are sharing detailed information and your viewers want to learn something from you.

Connect with your viewers. Have time to read their suggestions and comments and interact with them by simply answering their queries

Be consistent. This is really the key to have a successful YouTube channel. Always create, edit and produce good quality videos.

This appeared as a sidebar in Agriculture Monthly’s May to June 2020 issue. 

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