Light, water, plants!: Six celebrities who enjoy gardening during the quarantine

Featured image from Judy Ann's Instagram account

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, many people have begun to realize the importance of food security. People around the globe started growing their own produce for safety and security, including celebrities. Take a glimpse of the planting journeys of some local celebrities via their Instagram accounts:

Mylene Dizon

Mylene Dizon, an actress known for her mother roles in soap operas, is a mother to her beloved plants as well.

From expressing heartbreak from her dead crops to happily showing her freshly harvested vegetables, Dizon shares garden updates to her followers and even gives farming tips to those who ask questions in her comment section.

It’s been years since she has expressed her interest in growing vegetables on her social media account and during the quarantine period, Dizon has been active online and offline. 

A photo of Dizon holding a basket containing her harvested sugar beets, carrots and fennel.

Last February, Dizon posted a video of her while rebuilding her vegetable garden and a few months after, she got to harvest produce such as arugula, mustard, cucumbers, dill seeds, butterfly pea flowers, eggplant, bush sitao, radish, romaine lettuce, and red okra.  

Photo taken from @missmylenedizon

Jinkee Pacquiao

The quarantine has got everybody finding a new hobby and in Jinkee Pacquiao’s abode, it is gardening. Pacquiao has posted a vlog showing her bonding time with her daughters through planting. They were able to plant tomatoes, okra, lettuce, bell pepper, eggplant as well as sunflowers.

On her Instagram post last May 23, she wrote, “We’ve finished gardening today and I can’t wait to see the outcome! #tomatoes #bellpepper #okra #lettuce #sunflowers #eggplant #pechay #plantingtime #quarantinetime.” Ruffa Gutierrez has also shared enthusiasm on her post and commented “Exciting!!!!.”

Photo taken from @jinkeepacquiao

Glaiza De Castro

While for the singer, actress Glaiza De Castro, seems to enjoy learning something new like planting with the ‘master,’ her dad, Boy Galura.

Photo taken from @glaizaredux

Aubrey Miles 

Aside from her healthy lifestyle by working out and eating well, Aubrey Miles, an actress and fitness trainer, also loves gardening. At home, she takes care of several indoor plants like monstera, money tree, Ficus Audrey, and many more. 

In one of her posts, she shared how she propagated her Japanese variegated rubber plant. Her caption goes, “Hello 9am sun. Repotting, propagating, gardening, fertilizing and vitamin D for me. Zinnia & Marigold needs to be in direct sun and water everyday. Propagating my japanese tri color rubber plant with root hormone powder. Let’s see what happens.”

Photo taken from @milesaubrey

Judy Ann Santos 

Judy Ann Santos or ‘Juday’, has also started establishing her so-called ‘little bukid’ months back and recently, she shared a photo of her with a basket full of her freshly harvested spinach on her Instagram account.

The post reads: “Nakapag harvest na kami!!!!yaayyy!!! Hindi lang halata ang saya sakin bilang malamok! Pero masayang masaya ako!!! #mylittlebukid” (We have harvested! It’s not obvious due to mosquitoes but I’m very happy!)

Many of her friends from the industry have commented on the post. Bianca Gonzales wrote, “Ay ang bilis!!! Wow!!!

Photo taken from @officialjuday

Liz Uy

Liz Uy, a professional fashion stylist, has also shared that they have been planting since February as part of their 2020 goal to take care of plants and to eat healthier. She said on one of her Instagram posts that she is grateful for turning accomplishments like gardening into a memorable one. She added, “Also wanted Xavi to have a summer activity where he will have daily accountability, and to instill in him a very important lesson: as you sow, so shall you reap.”

Photo taken from @lizzzuy

Indeed, growing our food can teach us things that money cannot buy in life, including the values you learn and the experiences you get.

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