by Vina Medenilla

ISABELA –  A fire station in San Agustin, Isabela sold vegetables to the residents and in return, they asked for a smile as a payment for the veggies. The fire station said that the vegetables are from the harvested produce in their station’s garden which is part of the Plant, Plant, Plant program of the Department of Agriculture (DA).

San Agustin Fire Station gives away harvested veggies from their station garden to residents.

They used banana leaves to wrap the vegetables that they distributed. They were able to give away six kilograms of eggplant, five kilograms of tomatoes, seven kilograms of patola, and ampalaya leaves.

Tomatoes, eggplants, patola, and ampalaya leaves were distributed.

As to inspire and challenge other agencies, they shared this on their Facebook account and wrote, “Vegetable for SALE, Pay with your SMILE.” And just like in urgent situations, they added that this act signifies “the will and friendliness of firefighters to help in times of need.”

Vegetables given are wrapped in banana leaves.

‘Bumbaera squad’, an all-women’s team from San Agustin Fire Station, is the group who initiated this particular activity. They are planning to give away a second batch of free vegetables on Monday, June 29, 2020.  

Photos from San Agustin Fire Station’s Facebook account. 

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