Shamcey Supsup distributed meals to over 1000 frontliners using the produce from her backyard farm

by Vina Medenilla 

Beauty, brains, and a farm – these are what the beauty queen and Miss Universe Philippines Organization’s national director Shamcey Supsup-Lee has to offer.

In her Instagram account, Supsup has shared on one of her posts how their backyard garden was able to grow produce that became part of their food drive. They distributed meals to more than a thousand frontliners and essential workers through her and her husband’s food business called ‘Byaheng Busog.’

Shamcey Supsup shares harvests from their home garden including chili peppers, lemongrass, malunggay, and more.

The post reads: “Our harvest for today! Can’t believe our little farm in our backyard could produce this much. Thinking of adding more variety to what we currently have. Any suggestions?” Supsup added, “If you want to donate or take part in our food drive, you can PM me or text 09257881616.”

They were able to give away meals to health workers and frontliners, including the security guards.

“Stay safe sa ating mga security guards na tuloy tuloy parin ang trabaho. @byahenglusog ang bahala sa inyo” (Stay safe to our security guards who keep working. @byahenglusog is here with you) said Supsup on one of her Instagram stories.

The food drive successfully covered more than 1000 frontliners including security guards.

Growing up in General Santos, Supsup has experienced life on a farm. Her father is a farmer while her mother is an engineer who also loves the farm life.

On another Instagram post, she wrote, “Prior to moving to Manila, I lived in a farm. We would never run out of food to eat. Everything is available in our backyard, from vegetables, to fruits and even meat. I remembered, we would only go to the supermarkets, once a month! Our backyard here may not be as big as the ones at home, but I’m still grateful we get to grow food.”

Daughter of a farmer: Shamcey, whose father is a farmer, grew up in a farm in South Cotabato where she got to experience having unlimited, accessible food from their backyard.

She ended the caption saying, “This post is dedicated to my dad, a farmer and to my mom, who always loved the farm life.”

Photos taken from @supsupshamcey.


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