Things to remember before choosing a dairy animal

Cows and goats are the most common choices when it comes to having a dairy animal on the farm. But before you decide on buying one for your farm, here are a few things to consider to secure its safety and productivity: 

1. Do you have enough space?

Cows need a large amount of land with large amounts of forage where they can graze on. Goats, on the other hand, can survive with less land.

(In the Philippines, most dairy animals are fed using the cut and carry method, so when choosing an animal that you’re going to feed in this way, consider where you’re going to get its feed and how much you can afford to feed it. – ed.)

2. Are the animals going to be comfortable?

Both cows and goats require shade and shelter from harsh temperatures. Having proper housing for both or either for the dairy providing animals will ensure their health and comfort on the farm, making them more than happy to produce milk.

3. How much milk do you need?

Depending on what you plan to do with the milk, whether for value-adding or direct selling, remember that a cow can produce around six gallons of milk per day while goats produce a lot less in comparison. 

Once you’ve secured these factors for keeping a dairy animal safe and happy on your farm, the next thing to worry about is how to keep them healthy to ensure the regular production of quality milk. 

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