With the COVID-19 pandemic keeping most people at home to lower the chances of the virus spreading, home gardening has been a rising trend because people now have the time and energy to focus on growing their own food–plus, it keeps people distracted from the negativity of the current situation. 

Linda Look, owner of Arkansas-based seed seller The Seed Guy, said that one reason why people have begun gardening is because of anxiety over the food supply chain. 

She said that gardening makes these customers become more self-reliant and let’s them gain more control over their food source. 

In the meantime, Rutgers University professor Joel Flagler said that gardening has certain, stabilizing forces that ground people in times of uncertainty and it’s these patterns that make gardening a comforting hobby during a pandemic. 

Plants are non-judgemental and respond to those who want to start today. Flagler advised that it’s better to “start easy” for more promising results. 

Add some water, sun, proper ventilation, along with a positive attitude and a garden will surely give more than just stability in these trying times. 

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