A guide to urban gardening, part 2: methods and requirements

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by Vina Medenilla

Growing food in urban areas has become a rising trend not just because it’s a good way to save or earn money but most importantly, more people want to be self-sufficient amid the crisis. 

In part 1, Rosalie Joven, resource speaker on the webinar ‘Basics to Urban Gardening’, has imparted the advantages of gardening. In this next part, different processes and requirements in urban gardening will be discussed. 

To start an urban garden, these are what you’ll need:

  • Space, area, or land
  • Water
  • Labor
  • Quality seeds
  • Gardening or farm tools
  • Resource person or extension worker
  • Natural/inorganic fertilizers and pesticides

In what ways can you start planting?

  • Containers and pots –  select a container that is suitable for growing seeds. You can use old boxes, water gallons, and many more.
  • Roof, alley, veranda, or terrace – this can be performed by those individuals who live in condominiums or apartments.
  • Hanging or vertical method – you can make this technique by attaching old plastic bottles or any planters on walls or ceiling using ropes or nylons.
  • Hydroponics or aquaponics – growing plants with the use of water.
  • Greenhouse – this is good for high-value crops like lettuce, basil, or celery. According to Joven, this is usually practiced by farmers to protect the plants from insects and diseases. If you opt to use this method, know the requirements, and evaluate if it works in your environment.
  • Backyard and garden plots/beds

Urban gardening doesn’t have to be as big as others perceive. You can simply start inside your home by planting in a few reused plastic bottles and gradually expand the garden if you want later on. 

Once you’ve chosen the method you’ll be practicing and have prepared the requirements for it, it’s time to focus on how you can start gardening, which will be discussed in the next article

Insights shared by Ms. Rosalie Joven during a webinar called ‘Basics of Urban Gardening’ hosted by 9 and beyond in partnership with Manila Bulletin and Agriculture Online, held last July 11, 2020.

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