Photos by JJ Landingin

SURVIVAL GARDEN – Wagner Mat-an and wife Veronica from Bakakeng Central, Baguio City show off their organic survival vegetable garden after winning the in-ground garden category during the Search for Best Survival Garden in the City of Baguio. Mat-an a two time heart attack survivor grows his herbal medicine from the garden Veronica said.

Wagner Mat-an, a two time heart attack survivor, grows his herbal medicine in his home garden. (Photo by JJ Landingin)

The couple repurposed plastic containers into planters. (Photo by JJ Landingin)

Veronica Mat-an and her husband grow herbs and vegetables in their award-winning survival garden. (Photo by JJ Landingin)

Wagner Mat-an poses with some cucumbers, just one of the many crops he and his wife Veronica harvest from their garden. (Photo by JJ Landingin)

Additional editing by Yvette Tan