Is talking to plants effective or not?

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Many people talk to plants, because it is believed that this will help them grow. This might be uncommon to hear, but talking to your plants isn’t limited to saying beautiful things to them because you can actually tell them bedtime stories. 


An online business in the U.K. released a book for plant parents, which included a collection of three short stories made to be read out loud for the plants. You can download the book for free on their website.


In a study by the Royal Horticultural Society, 10 gardeners’ voices were recorded while reading literary and scientific works. The audio clips were played to tomato plants through a set of headphones for a month. The result shows that all the plants that heard the recording grew taller than two control plants. Plants that received female voices also grew an inch taller than the others. 


Many studies prove that sound induces growth in plants. As per the head of Penn’s State’s horticulture department, despite having limited research on plant lullabies, it is evident that plants respond to sound. Of course, these sounds won’t work if you fail to properly tend your plant by not giving them enough light and water. 


If you ever give them bedtime stories and treat them just like your kids, don’t be embarrassed. There’s nothing to lose if you try! You’ll never know, it might be of big help for your plants’ growth.


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